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Past events:

Grand Finals 2019

The show that you have been waiting for! Catch the performances by the 10 finalists, and 

Date:        17 Mar 2019
Time:       6.30pm (Doors open at 6.00pm)
Venue:     Nanyang Auditorium

Campus Publicity 2

We will be starting our ticket sales for the Grand Finals!

Date:        12 Feb 2019
Time:       9.00am – 6.00pm
Venue:     Mid Spine Link (Near Nanyang Auditorium)


Watch our Semi-Finals show, where the 15 semi-finalists compete for the 10 finalist positions for Grand Finals!

Date:        24 Jan 2019
Time:       6.30pm (Doors open at 6.00pm)
Venue:     Crespion Function Hall

Campus Publicity 1

Want to know more about CenterStage? Drop by our booth to find out more! There are exciting games and prizes to be won while taking part! Who knows, you might discover your hidden talent! 

Date:        23 Oct 2018
Time:       12.30am – 6.00pm
Venue:     Walkway @ Koufu

Date:        24 Oct 2018
Time:       10.30am – 6.00pm
Venue:     Mid Spine Link (Near Nanyang Auditorium)

CAC Welcome Tea

Interested in planning a memorable talent search competition for our contestants next year but not too sure which position to take up? Drop by our booth to talk to us and don’t forget to grab some freebies too! We don’t bite, we promise!  

Date:        14 & 15 Aug 2018
Time:       6.00pm – 9.00pm
Venue:     Student Activities Centre (SAC)

Grand Finals 2018

Come down to watch our 12 finalists compete! There will be live voting for our winners and every vote counts! Buy your tickets now at http://cac-centerstage.com/ticketing/  See you there!! 

Date:        10 Mar 2018
Time:      5.45pm (Doors Open) ; 6.30pm – 9.30pm (Show Time)
Venue:     Nanyang Auditorium