CenterStage Organizing Committee 2020

Top 5

The Top 5 handles all administrative decisions and oversees the overall functioning of the CenterStage committee. They also look out for the overall welfare, as well as being responsible for all financial matters of the committee.

Chairperson: Alice Chua Qin Hui
Vice-Chairperson (Programme): Teo Qian Ling
Vice-Chairperson (Support): Chong Xue Qi Crystal
Secretary: Alicia Yap Ann May
Treasurer: Lim Bing Qian


Our two Ex-Officios look over the CenterStage committee and give advices and guidance along the way, to ensure that the decisions made are directing towards a right track. They also liaise with school offices for authorisation and approvals.

Vice-President (Events Management): Phyllis Ng Su Zhen
Honorary General Secretary: Long Si Ying Dawn

Business Managers

Our Business Managers source for external funding for all CenterStage events, and your goodie bag items. They liaise with sponsors to ensure their interests and requests are carried out.

Chief Business Manager: Mark Tan Jen Wei
Business Manager: Ang Jia Min, Cheng Yu Jun, Ong Jin Pei


Our Logistics Officers coordinate and ensure accountability for all logistical matters, and necessary preparations prior to any events and activities. They also liaise between the contestants and the CenterStage committee.

Chief Logistics Officer: Tan Kwan Sing (Syron)
Logistics Officer: Lee Si Ning, Tan Zheng Yang Randall, Charles Lee, Shaun Chua


Our Programmers plan the programme flow for all CenterStage events such as Campus Publicity and Auditions, and propose creative and improved ideas and concepts. They also allocate adequate manpower for various roles in the events.

Chief Programmer: Wei Luobin (Robin)
Programmer: Chee Yin, Tey Kai Yi, Jax Keow Zhi Heng, Angel Tan Qi Qing, Michelle Lee Jie Ying, Lim Teck Hwee

Publicity and Publications

Our Publicity & Publications Officers design and produce all publicity materials, such as banners and posters. They also provide photography and videography coverage for all CenterStage events, as well as handling the social media platforms.

Chief Publicity & Publication Officer: Mohameed Thameem, Tan Ee Jing
Publicity & Publication Officer: Leo Boon Yin (Wayne), Dawn Phua Wei Qing, Gan Kah Ee (Esther), Shriram S/O Singaravelu